Digital beleives that the Internet will play a very important role in most peoples lifes in just a few years time - simply because it gives us more freedom to choose, and an opportunity to do things faster, cheaper and more efficiently. That's why the Internet is growing so rapidly, supporting real-world needs, and at the same time making it an important business opportunity for Digital and our customers.

But still, only few people are aware of how they can benefit from the Internet. For us, the European Internet Business Group at Digital there is a need to build concrete and innovative examples where content and usefulness is in focus, while making innovative use of new technology. Because Internet is all about communication between people, across cultural, lingual, and geographical borders. The rest is - technology!

Digitals future as a company relies on new generations of employees and partners carrying the right skills to be successful in a global economy. People of a new breed that has not only learnt that global communication must build on a mutual trust and respect between individuals of diverse cultures, traditions and local conditions - but who has also learnt to take full advantage of such differences to bring new dimensions to their lifes and professions. In the Barents Region where challanges in all areas of society are impressive including needs to:

this becomes even more important in order to secure a stable, peaceful and sustainable development of economy and ecology.

Business partnership for common goals is a cornerstone in Digitals strategy for success in the new age. The KolaNet project shows how cooperation and partnership built on mutual respect can make even 'impossible' projects not only 'possible' but even successful!

For these reasons, Digitals European Internet Business Group, co-founder and initiator of the KolaNet project is delighted to actively participate and support our project with computer equipment, technical expertise, training and management resources in a strong partnership with the KolaNet consortia.

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