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Prospecting and Mining Projects in Murmansk region: Destruction of Environment continue.


From the beginning of 90-th and till the present is going an active process of licensing of geological prospecting and mining of new deposits in Murmansk region. The main buyers are foreign and joint companies.

General area of some licenses with foreign participation exceeds 44 000 km2 (without licenses for searches on a shelf), that makes 30 % of Murmansk region territory (see map).

All efforts in this direction in conditions of Russian mining industry crisis became reliable only due to western investments. Due to this support, in sphere of prospecting and mining activity are involved all new weakly developed - "wild" territories, and also the loading on crisis areas amplifies.

By the most advanced projects, where the extraction of minerals is provided per the nearest years are the projects with participation of the Finnish and Scandinavian companies.


According to our data prospecting itself causes the significant loss to environment. The most essential negative influence on a wild nature render:

The areas, where long-term geological prospecting took place, are marked by unusually low quantity of hunting animals - elk, northern deer, great grous, white grous and birds of prey in comparison with others remote areas.

It is necessary to take into account, in all joint projects the geological prospecting are carried out by forces of the Russian geologists (in the most cases by "Central Kola Expedition") and  geologists in several cases do not follow the conditions of the licenses connected with environmental protection.