Petrozavodsk State University, 1993, Biology.


Postgraduate, Institute of the North Industrial Ecology Problems, 1993 - present.

Research Interests:

Research interests deal with investigations of phytoplankton community in the Northern lakes under the anthropogenic impact (special composition, seasonal dynamics, distribution, abundance, numbers, biomass).

Selected publications:

YAKOVLEV V., VANDYSH O., SHAROV A. 1996. Biological assesments of environment pollution in the border region between Russia and Norway // Environment in the Barents Region. Kirkenes.

SHAROV A. 1996. Structure and function of phytoplankton community in the water bodies of the Kola Peninsula // Ecology problems of North European territory of Russia. Apatity.


Laboratory of Aquatic Ecosystems Ecology

INEP research laboratories

Institute of North Industrial Ecology Problems