Date of birth - September 24, 1957. In 1983 he had graduated from the Leningrad Mining Institute on the speciality of engineer-hydrogeologist. Since 1989 Dr. Vladimir Dauvalter is working in the Laboratory of Freshwater Ecosystems of the Institute of the North Industrial Ecology Problems of the Kola Science Centre. His scientific interests deal with investigations of distribution of heavy metals in lake sediments and toxic effects of heavy metals on freshwater organisms on the North Fennoscandia, as well as geochemical migration and covariation of heavy metals between water, suspended matter and sediments in freshwater lakes. He participates in investigations on some international projects. Dr. Vladimir Dauvalter is the author of more than 50 scientific articles and reports. In November 1994, he has defended Doctoral Thesis at the Saint-Petersburg Lake Research Institute. The topic of the dissertation- "Appropriateness of heavy metals distribution in sediments under conditions of pollution and acidification of lakes on the Kola North".


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E-mail: vladimir@inep.ksc.ru

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