Petrozavodsk State University, 1980, Biology. Ph.D., Saint-Petersburg Research Institute of Lake and River Fish Economy, 1992.


Senior Scientist, Institute of the North Industrial Ecology Problems, 1989 - present.

Research Interests:

Research interests deal with investigation of influence of pollution on organism and population of fish. The topic of the dissertation: Ecology-toxicology description of fish (aboriginal and introductions) in the Kola North. Dr. Anatoli Lukin is the author of more 60 scientific articles and reports.

Selected Publications:

LUKIN A., DAUVALTER V. 1996. Distribution of heavy metals, aluminum and petroleum in sediments and fishes of pool of Pechora river // Biology of internal waters. Russia.

LUKIN A., KASHULIN N. 1996. Influence of intake structure high-power on fish community of Subarctic reservoirs // Water resources, Vol.25. P.589-598.

MOISEENKO, T.I., KUDRYAVTSEVA, L.P., RODYUSHKIN, I.V., DAUVALTER, V.A., LUKIN, A.A. & KASHULIN, N.A. 1995. Airborne contaminants by heavy metals and aluminium in the freshwater ecosystems of the Kola subarctic region, Russia. Sc. Tot. Environ., 160/161: P.715-727.

LUKIN A. 1995. Pathology of fish as indicators of quality of water of the Kola North // Problems of chemical and biological monitoring of the ecological state of the Kola North water objects. Apatity, Kola Sc. Centre Publ. P.105-119.

AMUNDSEN P-A. Et al. 1993. Ecology and heavy metal contaminations in the freshwater communities of the Pasvik River system. University of Tromso. Norway, 53p.

NOJST T. Et al. 1993. Pollution impact on freshwater communities in the border area between the USSR and Norway. II Baseline study 1990-1992. (Ed.: A. Langeland) NINA, INEP, Akvaplan. Tronheim, Norway, 53p.

E-mail: lukin@inep.ksc.ru

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