Prof. TATYANA MOISEENKO, Corresponding Member of Russian academy of science

Tatyana Moiseenko is chief of the Aquatic ecosystem laboratory at the Institute of Northern Ecology Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences. She has a doctorate in biological sciences. Her main fields of interest are water ecology, ecotoxicology of heavy metals and water acidification of Kola Subarctic. She has published in Russia and abroad.

Selected Publications:

MOISEENKO T., RODYUSHKIN I., DAUVALTER V., KUDRYAVTSEVA L. 1996. Quality formation of surface waters and bottom sediments under conditions of anthropogenic loads on water catchments within the Arctic area. Apatity, Kola Science Centre, Russian Academy of Sciences: 263 p. (in Russian, Conclusion in English).

MOISEENKO T.I. 1996. Critical Load of SO4 for surface waters in the Kola region of Russia // Water, Air, and Soil Pollution. V.2, P.469-473.

RODYUSHKIN I.V., MOISEENKO T.I., KUDRYAVTSEVA L.P. 1996. Changes in Trace Element Speciation in Kola North Surface Waters During Snow Melt // Water, Air, and Soil Pollution. V.2, P.731-736.

ARNE HENRIKSEN, JAAKKO MANNIO, ANDERS BERNTELL, MOISEENKO T.I. at al. 1996. Regional Lake Surveys in Finland-Norway-Sweden-Northern Kola-Russian Karelia-Scotland-Wales. Oslo. 30 p.

MOISEENKO T.I. DAUVALTER V.A., KAGAN L. 1996. Mountain lakes of Russian Subarctic as markers of air pollution: acidification, metals and paleolimnology // Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Atmospheric Sciences and Applications to Air Quality, 18-20 June, 1996, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, USA, 48 p.

RODYUSHKIN I., MOISEENKO T., KUDRYAVTSEVA L. 1995. Aluminium in the Surface Waters of the Kola Peninsula // The Sci. Tot. Envir. 163, P.55-59. (in Russian).

MOISEENKO T.I. 1995. Ecotoxicology of the lakes in industrial regions of Russia Subarctic. Critical loads // Conservation and management of lakes. 23-27 Oct., Japan. P.121-126.

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MOISEENKO T.I., LUKIN A.A., KASHULIN N.A., KUDRYAVTSEVA L.P. 1993. Airborne Contaminants by Heavy Metals in the Freshwater Ecosystems of the Kola Subarctic Region // Ecological Effects of Arctic Airborne Contaminants. International Symposium. 103 p. (in Russian).

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MOISEENKO T., KUDRYAVTSEVA L. 1990. The Regularities of the Heavy Metals Accumulation in Organism Systems of Fresh Water Fishes and Pathological Processes // Excess and Deficiency of Trace Elements in Relation to Human and Animal Health in Arctic and Subarctic Region. Nordic Council Academy of Science and Letters, P.27-81.

MOISEENKO T., YAKOVLEV V. 1990. Anthropogenic transformations of water ecosystems in Kola Peninsula. Leningrad, Nauka, 221 p. (in Russian).


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