Petrozavodsk State University, 1988, Biology.


Postgraduate, Institute of the North Industrial Ecology Problems, 1990 - present.

Research Interests:

Research interests deal with investigations of zooplankton community in the Northern lakes under the anthropogenic impact (special composition, seasonal dynamics, distribution, abundance, numbers, biomass, secondary production of zooplankton).

Selected publications:

YAKOVLEV V., VANDYSH O., SHAROV A. 1996. Biological assesments of environment pollution in the border region between Russia and Norway // Environment in the Barents Region. Kirkenes, 134 p.

MOISEENKO T. et al. 1995. Air pollution effects on the Mountain Lakes of Northern Russia. Apatity, 55 p.

MOISEENKO T. et al. 1994. The Ecosystem of Kola Mauntain Lakes. Early response indicators of atmospheric pollution. Report AL:PE-2. Apatity, 24 p.

MOISEENKO, T., MJEDLE, M., BRANDRUD, T.E., BRETTUM, P., DAUVALTER, V., KAGAN, L., KASHULIN, N., KUDRYAVTSEVA, L., LUKIN, A., SANDIMIROV, S., TRAEN, T., VANDYSH, O. & YAKOVLEV, V. 1994. Pasvik River Watercours, Barents Region: Pollution Impacts and Ecological Responses. Oslo and Apatity. Investigations in 1993.- INEP- NIVA report 0-93144. 87 p.

E-mail: vandysh@.inep.ksc.ru

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