A. Naumenko


Laboratory of Ecology of Microorganisms

of the Institute of the North
Ecological Problems

Kola Science Centre
Russian Academy of Sciences

Apatity, Murmansk Region, Russia

e-mail: naumenko@inep.ksc.ru

Positions: Postgraduate (PhD-student)

Education: Graduated Biology and Soil-science Dept. of St-Petersburg State
University at 1997

Research Interests: - biodiversity of mines microorganisms;
- biohydrometallurgy;
- applied ecology.

Background activities:

- International conference of students and postgraduate students "Lomonosov - 96",
Moscow State University, april 1996.

- II congress of Russian soil-scientists society, Saint-Petersburg, june 1996.

- Course "Environmental Protection, Policy and Marketing" at Umea Summer University,
Umea, Sweden, july - august 1997.

- International students conference "Crisis of soils resources: reasons and consequences",
St-Petersburg State University, december 1997.

- Stockholm Conference '98 - Students for a Sustainable Europe, Stockholm University,
Sweden, april 1998.

Laboratory of Ecology of Microorganisms

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Institute of North Industrial Ecology