N. Mozgova


       Laboratory of Ecology of Microorganisms 

                  of the Institute of the North  
                         Ecological Problems

                         Kola Science Centre 
                  Russian Academy of Sciences   
            Apatity, Murmansk Region, Russia 

e-mail: galina@inep.ksc.ru

Positions: The scientist

Education: Graduated Biology Dept. of Herzen Pedagogical Institute (Herzen State
Pedagogical University), Leningrad, at 1971

Research Interests: -structural and functional organization of microbial associations in
natural and industrial soils;
-biodiversity of soils microorganisms;
-interactions of microorganisms and heavy metals.

Selected Publications:

1. Evdokimova G.A., Mozgova N.P. Nitrogen-fixingactivity of the ground lichens in the Khibiny
mountains and the peculiarity of microbocenoses under lichens.// Botany journal, 1998, 10.
P. 85-91. (in Russian)

2. Evdokimova G.A., Mozgova N.P. Soil fungi in the impact zone of non-ferrous metallurgy enterprise emission and their capability for copper and nickel biosorbtion.// Ekologija, 1998, 2. P. 11-15.

3. Evdokimova G.A., Mozgova N.P., Shtina E.A. Soil pollution by fluorine and evaluation of the soil microflora  status in    the area of influence of an aluminium plant.//Eurasian Soil  Sci., 1997, 30/7.
P. 796-803.

4. Evdokimova G.A., Mozgova N.P. Biogenous Migration of Copper  and Nickel in the soil // 3th Intern. Sympoz. on Ecosystem Behaviour. Cambridge Publications Journal of the conference, 1997,
. 170-171.

5. Evdokimova G.A., Mozgova N.P. Microflora of tundra soils in the Kola Peninsula // Eurasian Soil Science, 1996, 28(12). P. 188-203.

6. Evdokimova G.A., Mozgova N.P. Microboilogical study of soil  contamination by heavy metals. //Aerial pollution in Kola Peninsula. (Ed by M.V.Kozlov, E.Haukioja, V.T.Yarmishko), Apatity, 1993, . 184-188.

7. Evdokimova G.A., Mozgova N.P. Soil contamination by heavy metals in surrounding of Monchegorsk and recovering after industrial impact.//Aerial pollution in Kola Peninsula. (Ed by M.V.Kozlov, E.Haukioja, V.T.Yarmishko.) Apatity, 1993, .148-152.

8. Evdokimova G.A., Mozgova N.P. Investigation of soil amelioration after intensive industrial pressure.//The state of the Environment and Environmental Monitoring in Northern Fennoscandia and the Kola Peninsula. Rovaniemi, Finland. 1992, P.65-68.

9. Evdokimova G.A., Mozgova N.P. Biological indication of soil contaminate by heavy metals.//
The state of the Environment the Environmental Monitoring in Northern Fennoskandia and Kola Peninsula. Rovaniemi, Finland. 1992, P.89-91.

10. Evdokimova G.A. Mozgova N.P. Accumulation of copper and nickel by soil fungi.//
 Microbiology , 1991, V.60, N 5. P. 550-554.

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