Kids Judo Club in Khibiny

Only those who have clean and clear mind can really understand JUDO. By learning JUDO we are also training up our spirit, thus, we can be success in our life.

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In Far North, beyond the Polar Circle a small town Kirovsk is hidden in the Khibiny mountains. Here is long dark and snowy winter. And almost all the citizens are fond of skiing. We have a lot of schools. And although alpineskiing is prevailing, numerous other sport clubs exist as well.

I'd like to tell about one of them - It' s a club of unarmed combat and judo.
It was my father Serguey Trushenko who first inculcated me a taste for this kind of sport and he is continuous coach in this sport group for more than 20 years. Hundreds of childrens were trained in the club during these years.

There are about 70 children, young men and girls in our section. A lot of sport masters, skilled players have grown for these 20 years. They defended the honour of Kirovsk at the different prestige competitions, a lot of times won the championship of Russia, Murmansk region and town.
Those who are
experienced masters in our club are always ready to help and share their skill to young generation.

Our club is like one big friendly family with its three generations - elder masters, new sportsmen, training to be the real fighters and very small ones, just 6-7 year young kids.

Marina Trushenko, the Judo Trainer


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