• To draw to collaboration in creating National Park «Khibiny» the main interested and making decisions persons; to inform participants about situation on the territory of designed park.
  • To establish business contacts among participants of conference (the leaders of nongovernmentall and governmental organisations, representatives of economy).
  • To find out different points of view on an optimal regime of land use for the park.
  • To discuss the concept of designed National Park in the frame of the program of stable development of Murmansk region.
  • To create on the basis of participants an active group as a guaranty of carrying out the rational policy and development of alternative land use on the territory of park.
  • To arrange an active discussion of these questions in the mass media.
  There is one of last primary pine forests located in Khibiny Mountain. Before last summer 1997 forestry companies were cutting this forest massif (Tuliok valley, eastern part of Khibiny).


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