«KHIBINY» was the old Saami name of a mountain territory which is now divided on two rocky massifs - Khibiny (Umptek) tundra and Lovozero (Lujavrurt) tundra. This is a place with plain peaks of mountains, with gloomy canyons, sacred lakes and stone divinities called seids.

In 1997 there will be only the 110-th anniversary from that moment when an expedition of Finnish geologist Wilhelm Ramsay marked precisely Khibiny tundra on a map and opened for world civilization Lovozero tundra. For past time almost all of the pine and fir woods were destroyed by men and fires. Mining activity made from former wonderful sites the wastes of industrial rubbish, decorated the area with left wells and tractor roads. In the last two decades two nuclear explosions were produced at the center of mountains.

In the time of democratic changes the only small preserved territory - reserve «Seidozero» had actually dropped its activity.

Some organizations, including county administrations, science institutions and individuals many times initiated a proposal of creating National Park on the territory of Khibiny and Lovozero tundra’s, because such status enables to use more effectively natural, historical, cultural and economic potential of this region. The conference «National Park «Khibiny»» is devoted to the problems of creation of National Park on the this territory.

It is the so-called "Kuiva" - legendary and famous throughout the East Lapland seid (sacred rock) of Saami.

The rock is located in central part of Lovosersky mountain massif, beside north-western coast of Seidjavr lake. By one of Saami stories, the dark natural image of man imitate the crucifixion of Saami warrior - Kuiva.

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