Program of conference is based on participating of attendants in some excursions, each of them concerns to one of the aspects of creating National Park. Each topic will be accompany with report of the competent representative of institution dealing with such problem.

Session A:

Ecological and economical situation in the industrialized zone of Khibiny and Lovozero tundra’s.

Attendance of industrial enterprises and their surrounding areas as well as attendance of natural memorials of the territory.

Session B:

Man and environment on «preserved territories» - the past and reality of the present.

Trips and excursions on the territory of reserve «Seidozero»: attendance of unique historical natural sites, areas with unfavorable ecological situation as well as territories having perspectives for the recreation use.

Opened table

«Problems of creation of National Park «Khibiny» with participation of representatives of mass media.

Discussion of the concept of National Park, its status, structure, the best ways of creation; signature of final agreements.



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