29a Pobedy St.
184200, Apatity
Murmansk region
phone: +7(81555)311-81, 301-56
fax: 311-81

Kharitonova Galina Petrovna, home phone 408-27

Deputy Director:
Kilivayeva Olga Vyacheslavovna, home phone 731 88



The sanatorium-hotel complex "Isovela" is located in the greenbelt of the city of Apatity. Through the window you can see the majestic Khibiny mountains, picturesque views of surrounding forests. The hotel's locality is remarkable for its mild micro-climate. In the Lapp language "isovela" means "light breeze breathing". The complex is within 10-15 minutes walking distance from the city's centre. All that is highly rated by our Russian and foreign guests.

At the service of our visitors are 18 single and 38 double rooms, 3 rooms de luxe, restaurant, winter garden, solarium, swimming-pool, Russian baths, swimming-pool with sauna, sports hall, billiard. Near the hotel start paths for forest walking and in winter - well-rolled ski routes.


Accommodation, breakfast, swimming-pool DBL
SGL DBL Lunch Dinner
35 19 10 6 4


For businessmen the "Isovela" hotel is one of the most convenient places in the city to hold conferences, workshops and business meetings. There is a large conference hall of 60-70 seats, two small conference-halls of 20-30 seats, some spacious halls.


At request you can not only have a rest but also restore your health. Qualified medical personnel will take care of your health. The treatment complex allows to fight successfully against respiratory diseases, cardiovascular and endocrine systems, locomotor apparatus, diseases of brain vessels, nervous breakdowns and metabolic diseases. At the service of our clients curative mud, underwater shower - massage, various baths - oxygen saturated, turpentine, herbal, vortex ones, etc. Physiotherapy treatments, stretching out of spine, massage, mom-traditional therapies, inhalations, laser therapy, solarium, dental office, diagnostics and many others.




Index of additional paying medical services (in US$ per person per service):

Dental office:
surgical, therapeutic teeth treatment /2-5/
Beauty salon:
cosmetic, plastic, therapeutic face massage, cleaning /1-5/
Manicure /1/
Pedicure /1,5/


Underwater shower-massage /5/
Classical massage /5/
Exercisers: treadbahn, exercycle /1/
Baths, sauna /5/
Laser therapy /3/
Inhalations: oily, medicinal, herbal /1/
Sharko shower /4/
Baths: oxygen saturated, pine, sea-water, iodine-bromide, turpentine ones /5-8/
Mud cure, oxocerite (diathermy) /5-10/

The health centre "Isovela" arranges trips to the country. In the forest on the lake shore there is located the rest base "Imandra". Only 13 kilometers from the town and you forget urban vanity, problems and troubles.

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