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This is a tourist class hotel. It is located in the city of Kirovsk right at the foot of the Aikuaivenchorr mountain - place of mountain skiing and snowboarding. The distance until the nearest ski lift - 200 meters. Immediately near the hotel start some footpaths through the Khibiny mountains.

In the hotel at your disposal are:

dining-room, restaurant, two bars,
sauna, sports and exerciser halls, billiard, table tennis,
hire station for ski mountain implements, baggage room,
lift, street pavilion for shashlik.

It is recommended both for individual, family and collective rest.

The maximum hotel's capacity is 185 persons.

The total number of rooms is 81, among them:
· single rooms - 21;
· double rooms - 16;
· triple rooms - 44.

In the rooms there are shower, WC, partially TV.

We recommend to visit site of the tourist company "South-Kola"