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Do you dream of traveling to unusual and exotic places? Seeing things that most people never have the opportunity to see? Then the Kola Peninsula is where you want to go! Situated in far northwestern Russia, bordering Finland and Norway and almost entirely north of the Arctic Circle, the Kola Peninsula offers opportunities for adventure tourism, peaceful contemplation and learning in a setting so extraordinary you won’t believe it’s real!

On these pages you'll find information about the central and southern parts of the Kola Peninsula and the many wonderful and exciting tourist opportunities to be found here.


For winter sportsmen Aikuanivenchorr Mountain provides alpine skiing at one of the best ski resorts in all of northwestern Russia. Guided snowmobile tours are another very popular winter activity for adventure tourists in central and southern Kola. In summer the Upper Umba, Varzuga and Ponoi rivers teem with some of the largest salmon in the world, and Imandra, Umbozero and Lovozero lakes provide the venues for water sports and even MORE fishing!

Along the coast of the White Sea in the southern-most part of the Kola Peninsula, you can visit some of the oldest settlements in the region and learn about the colorful culture of another centuries-old tribe of people at the Museum of Pomor History in Umba settlement. From there a 140 km drive through the pristine forests of south Kola will take you to the settlement of Varzuga where you will find the 330-year-old Church of the Ascension, an architectural wonder 34 meters in height and built entirely of wood without the use of a single nail!


For the nature enthusiast the Khibiny and Lovozero mountain tundras are the places to go for ecological, botanical, mineralogical and adventure excursions. In the Lovozero settlement, the capital of the Russian Laplanders, you can learn about the life and history of the indigenous people of the Kola north, the Saami; taste their national dishes, see their folk arts and crafts and experience the mystery of the holy Seidozero Lake located in the center of the Lovozero tundras.

In the central cities of Apatity and Kirovsk you’ll find comfortable hotels, restaurants, taxis and shops, including sports equipment rental facilities. You will also find us - “South Kola” Tourist Company - ready to make all of the arrangements for your “Arctic Adventure of a Lifetime”.

To get to us in Apatity from St. Petersburg or Moscow, you can travel by air from Pulkovo or Sheremetyevo 1 airports, by train from the Leningrad or Moscow Stations, and to travel by car take route M18.

From our neighbors, Finland and Norway, its even easier to reach us - just a 450 km drive from the border checkpoints Lotta (Finland) and Storskog (Norway). And the checkpoint Salla has opened a direct route to Apatity from the Finnish city of Rovaniemi.

South Kola Tourist Company welcomes you to the Kola Peninsula!!


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