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Located in the center of the Kola Peninsula, the city of Apatity lies between beautiful "Imandra", the largest lake in the Murmansk region, and the Khibiny mountains, whose highest peak, Yudychvumchorr, stands 1200 meters above sea level.

Apatity is the second largest city in the Murmansk region, with a population of more than 70,000. Founded in 1966, the city was named for one of its most abundant natural resources, apatite, the raw mineral used in the production of phosphorous mineral fertilizers.

Only 16 kilometers separate the city of Apatity from the neighboring city of Kirovsk .



В начало страницы Apatity's main employers are:
- The joint stock company "Apatit" - the largest mining and concentrating enterprise in Europe and Russia;
-The Kola Science Centre of the Russian Academy of Science (KSC RAS) - 11 research institutes;
- Various state and private enterprises.

В начало страницы Passenger and freight transport enterprises:
- Airport Apatity/Kirovsk;
- Railway station Apatity;
- Motorcade 1378.

В начало страницы Institutions of higher education, colleges:
- Branch of the St. Petersburg State Academy for Engineering and Economics;
- Branch of the Petrozavodsk State University;
- Branch of the Murmansk State Technical University;
- Medical College.

В начало страницы Hotels:
- "Ametist";
- Sanatorium "Isovela";
- There are also 3 small country hotels at the shore of the Imandra lake 14 kilometres far from the city;

В начало страницы Museums:

- Museum of Investigation and Development History of the European North of Russia (International Cultural Centre of KSC RAS);
- Museum of regional studies and history (municipal);
- Geological museum (KSC RAS);
- Mineralogical museum (The Institute of Geology KSC RAS).

В начало страницы Events:
- The exhibition "Stone flower". Stone works. The end of January, annually.
- The exhibition "Imandra". Small and medium business. The end of April, annually.
- International sporting ballroom dances competitions. Annually, November, December.

The city of Apatity has a developed network of shops, restaurants, bars and dance clubs.

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