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Kirovsk is the highest mountain city on the Kola peninsula and
is located on the shore of the Bol'shoy Vudyavr lake.
The city is surrounded on three sides by the mountains
with old Lapland names: Aikuaivenchorr, Vudyavrchorr and others.

The city was founded in 1929 and given the name Khibinogorsk in honour of the Khibiny mountains surrounding it. It was renamed Kirovsk in 1934 in honor of S.M. Kirov, the political leader of the twenties and thirties. Today Kirovsk is home to more than 40,000 people.

Kirovsk is well known in Russia for its mountain sports and tourism, as well as for being the home of the joint stock company "Apatit", the largest mining and concentrating enterprise in Europe.

Only 16 kilometers separate Kirovsk from its neighbor, Apatity



В начало страницы The main employers are:
- The joint stock company "Apatit" - the largest mining and concentrating enterprise in Europe;
- Various state and private enterprises.

В начало страницы Passenger and freight transport enterprises:
- Kirovsk Motor Transport Enterprise.

В начало страницы Institutes, Colleges:
- Branch of the Kostroma State University;
- Part-time Study Affiliate of the St. Petersburg Mining Institute;
- The Khibiny Technical College.

В начало страницы Hotels:
- "Sport"
- "Eccos"
- "Khibiny"
- "Severnaya"

В начало страницы Museums, excursion objects:
- Museum of regional studies and history with S.M. Kirov memorial and exhibition hall (the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation);
- Museum of Stone (joint stock company "Apatit");
- Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden-Institute (KSC RAS);
- Industrial objects of the joint stock company "Apatit" (teaching and course combine of the joint stock company "Apatit").

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